Tennessee Yellow is the New Black

Tennessee Yellow

Interior decorators and designer type are fawning over a new shade of yellow called Tennessee Yellow. With RBG color code of C4B708, this yellow appears to be a close cousin of lime green but really is still yellow. Many interior walls in homes in the State of Tennessee are this color, hence the name 'Tennessee Yellow'. But the origin of the name and color dates back to the late 1700's, around the time Tennessee was founded. Legend has it that Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto was resting in Tennessee during his exploration in 1671, and became friendly with a young woman wearing a greenish yellow dress. The story of de Soto and the girl has been passed down for generations.

The color Tennessee Yellow, when view on a computer screen appears bright, but when painted on an interior wall it will appear slightly muted, depending on what kind of light is present. It contrasts well with other pastel colors, and Tennessee Yellow should in fact be considered a pastel color. Indeed, when I visited my local paint store asked them to mix me up a quart of Tennessee Yellow paint, the clerk asked me what kind of room and light it would used for so he could advise on a matte finish. Walls painted with Tennessee Yellow should be framed with a glossy white on the frames to give balance to the room. "The use of Tennessee Yellow is a bold statement by the homeowner" says Holly Johnson, a California based interior decorator. "And that statement has to be backed up with attitude and panache." It s the current color of choice for card rooms, dining rooms, salons and powder rooms. Many feel that is isn't quite yet suitable for a formal living room.

But on the West Coast, especially in Southern California hipster enclaves live Venice and Los Feliz, those norms are out the window. "I pained my whole house Tennessee Yellow because I like the color" says one proud homeowner from Venice. Whatever room you choose to paint Tennessee Yellow, do so with style.